E-Pulse application, which provides access to all kinds of health records of people, was awarded as “The Best Health Application” by United Nations World Information Society in World Summit Award-WSA

First in the World

Turkey, which was one of the five projects awarded in the field of health in the world, was awarded for the first time under the WSA, that continues today from 2003.

7/24 Accesibility

E-Pulse Personal Health System application, which is recently one of the best projects of Ministry of Health, provides 7/24 access to health records of all citizens and gives them the control and the management opportunity of their health records.

Conscious Society with E-Pulse

All citizens have an access to reach all health records including labratory tests, radiology images, hospital visits and appointment history, they can share and carry those information along with them at any time. Citizens who are able to reach their prescription records use their medicines more consciously with medicine reminder feature. In this matter, it is aimed to prevent unnecessary medicine use at the same time.