YTB | Non-Governmental Organization Grants

YTB Project Application and Management System
Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB) has been providing financial supports to non-governmental organizations, universities, international organizations, researh centers, governmental institutions etc. inside and outside Turkey. This system provides the management of these financial grants and all related activities by YTB.

Since 2011, in over 70 countries, close to 600 projects has been supported and the beneficiaries have received more than 50 Million ₺ of financial support.

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The Solution

Tiga has developed Project Application and Management System to meet the needs of its customer, YTB. Thanks to the system we developed, all of the application, granting, reporting and payment processes are now completely managed on the digital platform. Smart algoritmhs for further reporting and analysis purposes also integrated into the system.

The Result

The system enabled YTB to create and manage all grant programs under different categories such as, schedule, activity type, purpose, related countries etc. All applicants, corporate or personal, can register to the system and complete their applications using the system.