TURKSAT Tsunami Project

Tsunami Project is an overall management system, which has been primarily created for the purpose of digitalizing the cable infrastructure assets, and additionally avails the fulfillment of several management needs using a single system.

Tsunami project, first and foremost, created to digitalize the cable infrastructure assets of TURKSAT. It also serves as a single comprehensive system to satisfy all management needs of our customer

The system has 4 main parts: project management, inventory management, field & team management, mobile platform.

By integrating TURKSAT network information into the CBS environment TURKSAT definetly detects the reason of the problem with the help of this project in case of any trouble. In this way, any possible problems will be solved within the shortest time.

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It is easier to get to the intervention addresses by means of the navigation infrastructure considering the intervention situations sent to the teams at field. Teams will be directed to the destination address via the gadgets they own and by the navigation application without having to know the address, so that possible late arrival problems will dissappear.

Corporate Memory

TURKSAT created a new corporate identity with Tsunami Project. By digitalizing cable infrastructure assets, tracking and management of the inventory have become easier.

Performance Analysis

In the light of the requests and complaints from the customers, Tsunami project provides to TURKSAT useful reports by inspecting to what extent and in what time the workers can respond to those requests.


UAVT(National Address Database) integration has enabled TURKSAT customers’ addresses to become much more systematic. Field teams will not get into trouble thanks to this standardisation by easily finding the addresses, where an intervention is needed.