Political Academy Information System

Politics Academy Information System is a management information system, which is used by the Justice and Development Party in order to manage the programmes of the Politics Academy.

The Politics Academy Information System is an information management system, where the list of participants, the academic program and the instructor information can be entered, tracked and managed, and where applicants can enroll online in the politics academy, which is performed in the head office and the city organizations of the Justice and Development Party.

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A Comprehensive System Design

The Justice and Development Party needed to track and manage every single detail concerning its Politics Academy programmes. Therefore, the system has been designed so as to include the whole process. It has become possible to record the whole training process in the system with the help of following sections: participants, ınstructors, lecture categories, lessons, academic program.

Evaluation Module

Because it was critical to evaluate the programmes, participants and instructors, we have developed an evaluation module, which works integratedly with the system, and where all these evaluations can be performed and results can be monitored.