Organization Information System

The purpose of Organization Information System is to provide the tracking and management of each operation of the party organizations in the system.

With the help of this system, which is a first in Turkey among other political parties, organizational operations of the Justice and Development Party have been fastened and the organizations have been able to work more effectively.

AK Parti, which organizes 10.000 meetings in a year and embodies countrywide 9 million members, 81 cities, 936 districts, 1.913 towns and 50.255 neighborhoods, has been using the system since 2009 to manage and follow these operation programmes.

Dynamic User Authorization System

We have created 600 different user authorisations for the system, which include all authorities in the organization. We have categorised all these authorities to roles, which are correspondant to assignments and positions in the organizations, and gave unlimited customizing power to system managers through authorities and roles.

Member-Centered System

The Organization Information System has enabled the assignment and tracking of all party members through the system. Besides, the system also produces detailed and comparative analyses and reports about the members.

Organization Structure on the Electronic Environment

As the party organization has been seperated into cities, districts, towns and neighborhoods, and this it was important for the organizational hierarchy, the same structure had to be done also in the system. For this reason, we have transferred the same systematic structure into the Organization Information System and provided, that users can use the system according to the unit they belong to.

Steady and Reliable Infrastructure

When the high number of members and organization units has been taken into consideration, it was necessary to design a reliable system to unload all this burden in order to continue the works of the units without any failures.

Practical Communication Between Units and Members

The System has been developed as a system, which includes the bureaucracy and information, which is kept in form of documents, among organization units and members, and enables getting all the related work done in an electronic environment. Besides, a chat module, which will provide the communication between members, has been included as a system accessory.