Local Governments Information System

Local Governments Information System, which has been specially developed for the Justice and Development Party, tracks and manages the local government units.

It is an information management and decision support system, which enables to manage the local government organizations of the Justice and Development Party, information on municipalities, civilian authorities, and activities such as meetings and visits in the electronic environment.

It is very important for the party to manage and track the activity programmes of the organizations, that has nationwide 9 million members, 81 cities, 936 districts, 1.913 towns and 50.255 local administration bodies, and where approximately 10.000 meetings are hold in a year.

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A Comprehensive System

Local Governments Information System has become a system, which includes more than 1600 City/District/Town mayors, 1000 presidents of local governments, more than 2000 general counsil members, more than 15.000 City/District/Town aldermen, and apart from all these information it also includes data about local governments related to other political parties.

Integrated System Design

We have developed the system, so that it can work integratedly with other information systems we developed for our customer.( local governments, organization, women branch, elections etc.) Local Governments Information System gives the chance to access all present members and assignments on the basis of local governments in addition to information and reports concerning the local elections.

Unit-Based Authorization

We designed Local Governments Information System, so that it can be used region-specific and filtered to city /district/town units, and managed in line with these principles.

Assignments, Operations and Meetings Management

All the assignments to the members, the operations and meetings organized under local government units, which are the most active parts of the party with concrete operating results, are managed and tracked completely with the system.