KYKNET Project enables “Kredi ve Yurtlar Kurumu”(KYK - Institution responsible for student loans and residences in Turkey) to manage all institutional processes digitally.

The information provided by the students that applied to KYK undergoes an evaluation process after the information is verified.

After the evaluation process is completed digitally, the students are sorted according to their evaluation result and then the students are placed to the proper dorm nearby their location.

In order to carry out these processes properly, “Student Placement Project” has been put into practice by our company.

The students’ evaluation results and their universities/departments’ locations are taken into account by the placement algorithm. The algorithm is now in use by KYK and placements are done trouble-free.

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Dorm Management

All the dorms connected to KYK uses this system to manage floor, room and bedding for all students. The system also manages dorm application/evaluation and placement processes.

Student Loan Management

This module is responsible for student loan application, evaluation and allocation processes. All these processes and the operations carried out during the loan period are managed using this module.

Education/Training Module

The events such as, training sessions, vairous seminars, competitions that will be arranged for the students in KYK dorms is managed through this module.

Fingerprint Tracking

All entrance and exit processes in KYK dorms are controlled with fingerprint controlled gates. The application of this process and related data are managed with this module.

KYK Student Verification

The applicant students provides various information to KYK related to their education, family, financial situation etc. All these information need to be verified. In order to accomplish this feat KYK Student Verification System is put into practice. The system connects with other state institutions’ databases and verifies the information given by the students. The state institutions this systems conencts to are:

  • Central Population Registry Administration System
  • Social Security Institution
  • Revenue Administration
  • Ministry of National Education
  • Student Selection and Placement Center
  • General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre
  • Council of Higher Education
  • The Ministry of Youth and Sports

Human Resources Module

The processes related to human resources in KYK are managed with this module. This module minimizes the possible human-induced errors.