Finance and Administration Management System

Finance and Administration Management System is a comprehensive management information system, which has been developed for the Justice and Development Party.

Finance and Administration Management System enables to record and manage all the financial and administrative affairs in the electronic environment. It is a stock tracking system, where inventory login/logout of the city and district organizations included the head office can be recorded and necessary analyses and reportings can be made.

By having analysed the customer needs in accordance with the general policy of our company, we are glad to have developed the Financial and Administrative Affairs Information System, which meets all the expectations of our customer and would like to extend our thanks to our solution partner.

A Complete Stock and Expense Tracking

The Justice and Development Party aimed at tracking all the expenses and stock information concerning each catagory of its units. For this reason, we have designed the system in such a way that it includes all the expenses, stock categories and the necessary detailed information by getting detailed information about the party units while developing it. Expenses and stocks in the following categories can be tracked using the system:
  • Stationery
  • Flag
  • Tea house
  • Storage
  • Upper storage
  • Food
  • Garage