Election Information System

Election Information System, which has been developed for the Justice and Development Party, manages the electoral affairs of the party.

Election Information System is a MIS, which has been developed for the AK Party in order to manage and transfer the information in the general and local elections processes related to members, voting districts, returning officers, voters and elections to the electronic environment, so that comprehensive analyses and reportings can be made with the obtained data.

The election process, that consists of of 51,5 million voters, 70.000 schools/buildings/floor officers, 300.000 ballot box board members and 260.000 ballot box observers, is succesfully managed without any failures with the system we developed.

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From Raw Data to Valuable Information

Another important point of the process has been the information about past elections. Election Information System has been developed as a system, which includes all detailed statistical information, that belong to past elections. However, our goal has been to develop a system, which offers this raw data as qualified information to the party by filtering it first. As a result of this, we have developed the Reporting Module, which is one of the most detailed and strongest modules of the Election Information System. With the help of this module, it is possible to deliver qualified reports to the party, which are seperated into the following main titles:
  • General Report
  • Ballot Box Assignment Analysis
  • Ballot Box Management Analysis
  • Comperative Report
  • Election Information Report
  • City Success Rating
  • Mapped Analyses
  • District Election Sequence
  • Election Affairs Management