The e-prescription application ,which is developed by our company for the Ministry of Health and Turkish Medicine and Medical Devices Agency, contains the electronic form that allows to prescribe drugs and psycotropic substances will become mandatory to use as of 17 March 2017 in Turkey.

Red and green prescriptions, which contains medicines with drug and psychotropic substances will be registered electronically in Turkey as of 17 March 2017. E-prescription system will be in need for those medicines after 17 March 2017.

By using the e-prescription system, problems related to handwritten and paper prescription, track and control , print and storage will abolish.

E-prescription Takes Part In The Action Plan Against Drugs

It is one of the measures in the National Counter Drug Plan, which covers the establishment of a pharmaceutical track&trace system for medicines with drug effects and the "E-prescription System" between 2016-2018.

Pilot applications of the project has started last year in December in Corum and test processes accomplished. By using the e-prescription system in 81 provinces, it will be instantly visible to see which medicines are prescribes in which provinces on geographical information system.

More than 10 thousand e-prescriptions per year

While the number of e-prescription is over ten thousand per year, control on drug sale will be provided and problems about lost and stolen e-prescription copies will be prevented by the decision of Health Minister Recep AKDAG.